Monday, November 14, 2011

Wig Curling with Ringlets

As requested, here's a tutorial on how to achieve those drills or barrels or croissant curls or ringlets on your wig. Eventhough there are wigs available that already have curls, some cosplayers would really go into detail by finding a wig that looks exactly as the character. Well, if you can't find one, why not try making one?

The wig I used for this tutorial is a non-heat resistant, blonde wig and is about chest length. I recommend that you choose a wig that is extra long than what you'd expect coz the curls might eat up the length. Also, choose a wig that has the same color as it is wet and dry. Well, if you can't find one, which also happened to me, that's fine.

What you need:
your extra long wig (preferably straight)
clamp (or anything you can use to tie the wig)
comb and scissors
molder (can be a tumbler or a plastic bottle)

I'll share to you how I did my wig for my future cosplay. First, I trimmed my long blonde wig into the picture below. The outer layer is shorter than the inner layer.

Next, I tied the inner layer into twin pigtails.

Third picture gave me an idea for another cosplay :D

The wig I bought was not very long so I added "extensions". I spliced some wig that I cut from the outer layer in between the pigtails.

1. I applied glue on the ends of the wig pigtail, then added the "extension", then added glue again and placed the wig end on top. Just like a sandwich. 2. Did the technique on both pigtails. You can add more glue on each side. 3. Finished product - a longer wig.

The wig now appeared longer. Let the glue dry. I forgot to take actual pictures for the next procedure coz I didn't thought it would work.

Apply glue on the length of the pigtail and mold it on your tumbler. I recommend to use an old tumbler or a clear plastic bottle since bits of your tumbler's print will get removed in the process. You can use clamps to secure the wig while on the tumbler. If your wig appears darker when it is wet, just like mine, apply glue only on the inner side of your would-be curls. That way, the outer part would still have the same color as the other parts of your wig. Well, if you have a very nice wig, apply glue on both sides.

1. Apply glue on the full length of the pigtail. 2. Mold it. (not actual picture) 3 and 4. End product :)

If you have a heat resistant wig, try using a hair blower. Mine wasn't so I just let it sun/air dry. After that, gently remove the curls. Repeat the curling process if necessary. After removing mine from the mold, I added glue on the inner sides and arranged the curls manually since it has already taken the shape of the tumbler. I didn't glued it back to the tumbler. Let it dry. You may want to cut some stray wig hairs to make your wig appear presentable and clean.

I hadn't trimmed the stray wig hair yet in the pic. Sorry for the ugly face >_<
Reminder: This curling technique is not permanent. Washing the wig will ruin the curls. Also, use pure glue. Don't mix it with water coz it will just make your curls loose.

Goodluck! >( ゚▽゚)< 

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